Other Treatments & Services

Sports Therapy
Kinesio Taping

Pre - Event and injury support 

Kinesio Tape - £25.00 (Application & tape)

Kinesio Tape - £10.00 (Single application)

Zinc - Oxide Tape - £6.00


There is a vast array of different strapping and taping methods that can be used for problems with different anatomical locations. The main purpose of strapping any part of the body is to prevent injury, or to provide support for an existing injury. Taping a joint makes this possible as it restricts movement, while providing support for tendons and ligaments.The aim of taping is to limit unwanted movement at joint or offloading specific anatomical structures where a weakness has been identified.

Sports Therapy
Pitch- side First Aid

1-3 Hours - £30.00

4 - 6 Hours - £60.00

up to 12 hours - £120.00

1 Weekend - £200.00

Benefits of Sports First Aid:

Prompt and effective Sports First Aid can make a hugely positive difference to the time and ability of an athlete to recover from injury. Whilst these course cover basic life support the focus is on managing incidents and competently assessing whether a casualty should be returning to activity or not.

Sports Therapy

Kinesio Tape:

An exceptional waterproof tape that has 140-160% elasticity reflecting properties of the skin, made with high grade breathable cotton. Developed in the 1970's by Dr. Kenzo Kase, kinesio tape is designed to assist fascia, muscle, joint, lymphatic and skin functions, as well as affect the endogenous analgesic system.

Zinc oxide:

This tape is a strong sports strapping, a cohesive, non-stretch 100% cotton tape with a zinc oxide adhesive that conforms to the area you are taping. Generally used for athletes to prevent sports injuries, protect wounds and help cuts heal faster. It is often applied to protect the wrist, knee, ankle, or other joints of the body.

Sports Therapy

Pitch-side first aider role:

The role of a pitchside first aider is to provide care to athletes on and off the pitch, court, and track when injured. I am able to perform the following treatments:

  • Treating soft tissue injuries

  • Vital Signs

  • Airway Management - safe airway positions & dealing with gum shields

  • Splinting

  • Spinal assessment (NEXUS)

  • Return to play decisions following on field assessment using SALTAPS

  • Assessment from concussion

  • CPR (Resuscitation )

  • Defibrillation

Treatment Information

Treatment Days

Monday - 8:30 am - 6pm

Tuesday - 8:30 am - 6pm 

Wednesday - 8:30 am - 7pm

Thursday - 8:30 am - 7pm

Friday - 8:30 am - 6pm


I am mobile clinic which travels out to clients homes, covering the areas of Bridgwater, Taunton & Yeovil. 


Please note I will travel out of my catchment area for an extra fee (£30 up to 15 miles).


Please note: A cancellation fee of £25 will be incurred if you fail to inform us of your absence at least 12 hours before your appointment.